Wireless, Bluetooth LED Lighting


Seemingly everything can be done on a phone or tablet now—talk, shop, email, play music, check the weather—you name it.

With Bluetooth LED lighting, you can control your lights better than ever and turn humble lighting fixtures into the foundation of your Smart Building and Smart City.

Office, government, commercial, retail, hospitality and health care industries are transitioning from traditional fluorescent lighting to Bluetooth LED light fixtures, enjoying the new ways they can control their lighting, save on energy costs, optimize their buildings and even monitor towns and communities.

This digital transformation includes swapping legacy analog controls with state-of-the-art, scalable digital controls that can be operated via wireless technologies such as Bluetooth connectivity.

Bluetooth LED lights are controlled with an app software on a phone, tablet or computer, or via a specifically designed remote control.

As the popularity and implementation of Smart Cities and Smart Buildings grows, the demand and adoption of advanced, smart lighting solutions like Bluetooth LED lights will continue to grow from outdoor lamp post to indoor downlight.

Data-driven lighting

Bluetooth LED lighting applications do more than just turn on and off the lights at specific times. They increase the resiliency and adaptability of an entire lighting system.

Intelligent, advanced lighting sensors on LED Bluetooth lights connected to a network of devices allow building and city operators to collect important information about their environment via software analytics. The type of data that can be collected includes occupancy, sunlight, temperature, security and traffic, all which shape how the building and community is operated and optimized in real time.

Lower energy and operational costs

Industry and governmental studies show that adopting smart lighting solutions conserves and saves energy and money.

LED lights with automated Bluetooth controls also have a substantially longer life span than legacy-controlled fluorescent lights, reducing reoccurring labor and maintenance costs.

Unlimited options

With just a simple push of an app or a set preferred preference, the ways you can control your light are limitless.

Instantaneously create stunning, dynamic lighting with full-color LED pixel nodes. Leverage white-tuning sensors for human-centric lighting or photocells for energy-efficient dimming. Increase safety in higher-crime areas.

With wireless Bluetooth control, utility-grade power monitoring, continuous status monitoring, intelligent on/off switching and automatic dimming, you have unparalleled speed and control over your light, your building, your design and your surroundings.


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