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Install wireless open-protocol Bluetooth lighting control without additional wiring or excessive commission costs

Free your next project from the pricey commissioning fees that make facility managers shake in their shoes.

So simple to use and easy to install, Amerlux’s open-protocol Bluetooth lighting control connects your lighting and other non-proprietary Bluetooth-enabled devices under a single wireless network without additional wiring.

Adding a new light and any open-protocol device—HVAC, security and automated blind control included, regardless of their manufacturer—has never been simpler. Just open your app to commission, not your budget.

Take the guesswork out of wireless controls and finally install a secure, reliable lighting control that’s easy to use and love.

Turn any installation into a wireless smart lighting solution

Connect an entire space, floor or building with total harmony.

Amerlux’s open-protocol Bluetooth drivers, sensors and app provide simple, scalable, wireless lighting control from a single device. No need to run additional wiring and conduit through multiple walls and ceilings.

Always select the most optimal lighting component on hand, no matter the manufacturer. Ensure continuous compatibility and connectivity under a single open-protocol Bluetooth lighting network.

Reduce high commissioning fees

Remove restrictions and suboptimal components

Eliminate time-consuming installation
No additional wiring or commissioning fees
Eliminate costly installs with a quick and easy plug-and-play installation with no additional wiring. Just connect the power, open the app, and all open-protocol Bluetooth fixtures are found. Maintain structural and historical integrity.

Perfect for new or existing installations
Gain a higher degree of flexibility. Our open-protocol Bluetooth control works with Amerlux products and other non-proprietary Bluetooth suppliers, ensuring you always install the best components to suit your specific needs.

Easy to use and scale
Need to add a light fixture or another Bluetooth device? Easy. Our open-protocol drivers, sensors and app will instantly find and group your Bluetooth-enabled devices and add them to your app or batter-controlled remote switch.

Automate comfort and productivity
Utilize precision lighting controls with personalized control, scheduling and task-specific lighting configurations to create a distraction-free workplace that gives employees the freedom to focus on their tasks.

Make tunable white lighting affordable
Generate human-centric environments with high-performing tunable white lighting and budget-friendly Bluetooth control. Dim, adjust the color and tweak the intensity of your illumination to emulate daylight at any hour of the day and make occupants feel and perform their best.

Set the Scene
Use wireless switches or our app to create multiple preset scenes with lighting and shading controls. Examples include automatically dimming the lights and lowering the blinds for a presentation during conference mode.

Secure and reliable by design
Replace additional wiring, connectors, hubs and central controllers with a reliable, localized control signal that hops from device to device and around architectural barriers, ensuring connectivity and security.

Lower energy and operational costs
Eliminate over-lit spaces during vacancy periods and peak energy demand. Wirelessly analyze energy usage and get detailed feedback on which areas consume the most and need greater efficiency without affecting occupants.

Accelerate value-added services
Future-proof and centrally monitor several aspects of your project, including lighting, asset positioning, window blind control, security and air quality, by allowing multiple building systems to interface via your lighting network.

What Functions Are Included

in an Open-Protocol Bluetooth Lighting System?

Daylight harvesting Human-centric lighting Scene control & dimming Scheduling Luminaire grouping

Occupancy sensing Scheduling Individual addressability Energy monitoring Building management system

Which Products Are Included

in an Open-Protocol Bluetooth Lighting System?

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With a wide family of high-performing, architectural-grade LED luminaires and room controllers, Amerlux offers you the flexibility and open-protocol Bluetooth connectivity you need to automate productivity and handle any design challenge with ease.

About Amerlux

Amerlux, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delta Electronics, has been a catalyst for change in the lighting industry since 1984—simply by listening to the marketplace.

We don’t keep up with industry trends. We set them.

We believe lighting is as much about “feeling” as it is about “seeing.” Our solutions deliver the five elements that exceed today’s expectations: rich color, next-level comfort, total control, easy configurability and “capture” to provide added security.

Our clients’ business is our business, their reputation, our reputation, and their bright future, our own.

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Bluetooth Lighting
Works with All Devices

Upgrade your existing installation or install a new one with an easy to use, install and scale open-protocol Bluetooth lighting system.

Instantly connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device without additional wiring or high commissioning costs today.