Flexible, Easy-to-Configure Light


Creativity requires options. Just ask any architect or lighting designer.

We do.

Our easily configurable solutions offer unprecedented color, comfort, control and flexibility for creating genuinely dynamic spaces in any environment including retail, hospitality, residential and commercial—inside or outside.

Streamlined and flexible, we power your design scenario and tap unlocked imagination with first-in-class lighting solutions that give designers the ability to add visual elements that can be moved at will, without the need of an electrician.

Go ahead, scale the walls. Crisscross those ceilings. Leap from a closed ceiling to an open ceiling, then back again. We got you. 

With a combination of aesthetics, performance and energy efficiency, our first-in-class luminaires can be configured to adapt to all manufacturers’ controls on the market and within new and existing infrastructure.

Amerlux makes switching and customizing light sources simple and hassle-free.

Or as we like to say, as easy as a snap.


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