Welcome to the future of lighting


For decades, Amerlux has collaborated with architects, lighting designers, contractors and facility managers from around the world, collecting extensive insights into how to cast designs in the best light, for all applications.

Our technical guides and whitepapers share this knowledge and experience with in-depth analysis of the most crucial issues encircling the LED lighting industry now and into the future.

Topics include:

  • Human-centric lighting
  • Color quality and rendering
  • Smart cities
  • Operational and energy efficiency

eLumenNation Webinars

Light is the new tech sector, interconnected and fast-growing. Keep up with current trends, stay ahead of the curve and earn AIA CES credits with our free webinar series.

Learn the fundamentals of LED lights or grasp more technical concepts such as the health benefits of white tuning human-central light. In every case, we shine the best light on industry education with a groundbreaking assortment of webinars tailor-made for professionals like you.

Other webinar topics include:

  • How tunable white light elevates hospitality spaces
  • WELL Building Standards
  • Why tunable lighting is a must for better patient outcomes in health care
  • When, where and why to use full gamut LEDS vs. standard LEDs