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eLumenNation Webinars

Amerlux is a leading provider of continuing education for architects and other AIA members. Focused on ground breaking lighting technologies, Amerlux continues to forge new paths with thoughtfully engineered lighting design and its associated technologies. These are presented through our ongoing webinar series.

Each webinar will will earn AIA CE credits, and if you happen to miss the live presentation of the webinar, we will be happy come to your office and give them in person or through a video-conference call.

Our 2020 Schedule will be updated regularly so please check back often.

Available Webinars

LED Color Rendering: When, where and why to use full gamut LEDs vs. standard

This course will introduce and explain the differences between leading color quality scales and equip attendees with knowledge for specifying a variety of projects.

Viewers will learn how the CRI scale works how the TM-30 scale works, and discuss their strengths and weaknesses for calculating color and light quality.

How Tunable White Lighting Can Elevate Any Hospitality Space

This course will introduce and explain how tunable white lighting works, discuss possible health benefits travelers can realize (such as alleviating jetlag) and introduce innovative applications for tunable white lighting in hotels and airports.

Wellness, Work & You: Lighting in the WELL Building Standard

This course dives into human-centric lighting and how it is important to the WELL Building Standards. Beginning with an explanation of WELL building and its 10 key elements, the course moves into lighting aspects of human-centric building design, discussing how light affects human circadian rhythm cycles, and how it affects the body's mechanisms. The course deep dives into the 8 features of the WELL Building lighting standards: 2 pre-conditions and 6 additional optimizations.

Applications for Tunable White Lighting in Healthcare

This course will introduce and explain how tunable white lighting works, discuss possible health benefits healthcare settings can realize with its impact on circadian rhythms, and introduce innovative healthcare applications for tunable white lighting.

How Lighting Makes Office Employees More Productive

Discover how light can make office employees more productive.

Research shows office light directly impacts employees’ health, morale and productivity. Learn what lighting capabilities and controls are needed to make workers feel good, think well and produce more.

2020 Schedule

Boost Productivity with Lighting Solutions

AIA CE/HSW 1 Credit

Tuesday, March 31 at 12:00 EDT / 11: 00 AM CST / 10:00 AM MT / 9:00 AM PCT

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Setting the Retail Stage: How Light Helps Move Merchandise

Tuesday, April 28 at 12:00 EDT / 11:00 AM CST / 10:00 AM MT / 9:00 AM PCT

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