Mouthwatering fresh meat, fish, and produce

The new Cylindrix III Mini (C3 Mini) is tiny, passively cooled, with an invisible heat sink and full dimming capacity.

Amerlux helps the nation’s top supermarket brands transform into high-end retail destinations. Once upon a time, grocery stores craved evenly lit spaces, but now they request our versatile LED solutions, which give them a cool tone at full power while glowing warmer as the light is dimmed, emulating the familiar incandescent lamps.

Game-changing solution

Amerlux's SPEQ, which is a line of modern-styled track lighting solutions, incorporates the FreshFocus chip and the new Sundrop chip (100 CRI), producing a controlled, powerful and clean beam of light, which can be found in various high-end retailers, supermarkets and art galleries.

The SPEQ track head balances clean, minimal aesthetic design with industry-leading optical performance. Its snoot perfectly matches the fixture to provide excellent glare control, while maintaining clean fixture lines. The product offers other options, such as hexcell louver, Solite beam softening lens, linear spread lens and cross blade.

Think 'fresh'

Increased competition and changing consumer demands have convinced supermarkets to focus more on high-margin, perishable categories, such as meats, fish, produce and flowers. To maximize the profitability of specialty perimeter departs, different lighting is required, compared to the light in the dry-good aisles. The bakery needs warm-toned lights to emphasize the appearance of bread just out of the oven, while meat looks better under cool lights, which brings out the red color of steak without blunting the crisp-white marbling.

Our supermarket clients that include Wakefern Food Corp, the country’s largest retailer-owned supermarket cooperative, generally see a 20 percent boost in sales after improving product light. Then, add the savings from reduced energy, rebates and utility incentives tied to LEDs, and you have dramatically reduced your payback period.

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