LED Track Lighting that makes you feel at home

Slots & Dots, a 48V Track lighting system, connects all the dots for architects and lighting designers: color, comfort, controls and configurability.

With the right light, any place will feel like home. At Amerlux, we design lighting to delight your customers, instantly taking them from anticipation to enjoyment. Our elegant solutions fill your spaces with beautiful light that transforms both the simple dinner out and the fancy vacation into unforgettable customer experiences.

LED Gallery Lighting

Queens Museum cuts energy use by 90% with Amerlux's LED Gallery Lighting in track lights

Gensler, one of the world’s largest architecture firms, asked Amerlux to create a solution that would make the “Never Built New York” art exhibit unforgettable at the Queens Museum. The response? Amerlux delivered a premium solution that dramatically reduced energy consumption without sacrificing quality or performance.

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Restaurant Lighting

Restaurant Lighting Fixtures, Hospitality Lighting that sets the tone

We see light before we see anything else. As humans, we immediately interact with light on a subconscious level. The light sets the tone for the space. Hospitality is all about ambience. Hotels and restaurants must set the right mood to create a comfortable atmosphere. 

We start with the light. We obsess over creating comfortable spaces with lighting. Leveraging dimmability, warm tones, soft nuances, accents, layers, washes and pools of light to craft the perfect light for your space. Our lights transport your customers from their daily lives into new experiences.

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