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Grüv® 2.5" LED, 5 or 10 watts/foot, delivers superior performance that makes it ideal for ambient lighting in ceiling and wall applications.

Amerlux provides some of the world's most elegant solutions for modern commercial spaces, office buildings, and institutional environments. We design top-tier performance-grade products to make offices work for everyone.

Commercial Lighting Manufacturer casts Boston firm in its best light

Nestled among the historic buildings of Boston’s Fort Point Channel neighborhood that overlooks the busy channel waters, a leading financial firm needed to revitalize its high-rise offices. They found the answer in Amerlux’s linear pendant LED product—a solution that delivered perfect light and secured a utility incentive. 

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Commercial LED Fixtures as the foundation

We see light before we see anything else. As humans, we immediately interact with light on a subconscious level. The light sets the tone for the space. The light can say “we build great things here” or “we don’t care about the details because ‘good enough’ is good enough.” 

It all starts with the light. We treat lighting solutions as the foundation for a space and take it from there. The light sets the mood for the space and directs people where to go and encourages the desired behavior. Our engineers create products to enhance the comfort of a room and boost the space’s functionality. 

Commercial LED Lighting revitalizes Boston high-rise

A dark, below-ground space was transformed into a bright vibrant lounge and meeting area for 225 Franklin Street, one of Boston’s most recognizable buildings. To achieve the desired environment without the advantage of natural light, Amerlux delivered a custom-designed lighting solution to uplight the unique waffle-slab ceilings in the space.

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ROI of light

We understand light is more than mere illumination. It’s an investment. The right light translates visual performance into profitability. 

For good or for bad, lighting has a huge footprint on your organization’s bottom line. Switching your building to LED lighting delivers sizeable savings. Hard savings include energy efficiencies from controlled LEDs, maintenance and labor savings from long LED lifespans and incentives from utilities. Done right, the soft savings of employee health and wellness, morale and enhanced productivity can dwarf the hard savings. 

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