Shining a light on institutions

Linea Accent 1.5'' pendant proves when it comes to lighting, less really is more.

Amerlux provides some of the world's most elegant solutions for institutions, hospitals and universities. We design top-tier performance-grade products to make campuses safe and productive for everyone.

Lighting for safety

Institutions turn to Amerlux for fresh performance lighting that fosters focus and inspires imagination in patient areas, lecture halls, offices and cafeterias. 

Outside of the classroom, institutions leverage Amerlux’s classically styled post-top fixtures and Avista LED light engine to improve campus exterior lighting. The LED upgrades improve perceptions of safety on campus, while also doing double duty to rein in rising utility costs and maintain traditional campus ambience with vintage-styled pedestrian lighting.

ROI of light

We understand light is more than mere illumination. It’s an investment. If students and patients don’t feel safe on campus, they won’t come back. The right light translates into positive retention. For good or for bad, lighting has a huge footprint on your organization’s bottom line. Switching your campus to LED lighting delivers sizeable savings.

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