Tunable White Lighting that changes with the sun

Tunable White

Natural light is beautiful and refreshes our spirits. Research underscores how it’s a must-have for elevating our moods, improving our cognitive functions and increasing our overall health—all benefits that artificial electric light previously struggled to provide us indoors.

Not anymore.

Thanks to the latest advancements in LEDs and control systems, your lights can deliver the same light as the sun. 

A key characteristic of sunlight is its temperature. Officially noted in degrees Kelvin, we intuitively understand light can be warm (a la the late afternoon sun) or cool (like the sun on a snowy day). Different light temperatures impact people’s moods and productivity. 

Cooler light stimulates cognitive function and enhances productivity. Warmer light is relaxing and creates a calming atmosphere. 

The temperature of productivity

Your day varies and so should your lighting. The perfect light temperature for optimal productivity will change throughout the day. With human-centric lighting, the light adapts to your needs. 

Get work done

If you’re working in an office, cool light at high intensity works like a cup of coffee, increasing focus, elevating your mood and galvanizing creative processes.  

Enjoy better meetings

We can’t get you out of the Tuesday staff meeting, but we can make it more comfortable. Warm-toned light is ideal for conference rooms, where a cooperative and trusting atmosphere is needed. 

Rest and relax

The warm tones of the setting sun trigger the release of melatonin, a sleep hormone that eases us from busy day into restful night. Dim-to-Warm lights can mimic this effect and create a space to relax by glowing warmer as they are dimmed. 

Banish jetlag

Travel is hard enough, without the added stress of switching time zones. Your hotel’s lighting could ease the transition with color-tuning that energizes you or puts you to sleep at the right time.

Tunable White

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