Decorative area lighting reinvented

Avista is an advanced LED light engine for retrofitting traditional and post top luminaires or for new construction.

With the right light, you can own the night. Amerlux has transformed municipal and area lighting technologies and applications all across the country. From retrofitting quaint downtown lighting to illuminating college campuses, to creating huge new urban installations, we know exterior lighting. 

With our high-performing Avista LEDs, we’ve transformed major cities like Los Angeles and Portland, Ore. as well as tiny towns like Morris, Ill.

Los Angeles slashes energy costs by 75% with Amerlux’s Avista

The historic downtown of Los Angeles was illuminated with inefficient 250-watt high pressure sodium lamps. The city desperately wanted to upgrade these to LEDs but wanted to maintain the 1920s-era poles and luminaires. Amerlux’s 60-watt Avista LED retrofit product was the solution, delivering more light, better light and using less electricity. 

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Maintain vintage aesthetics with modern technology

We understand the principles and values behind lighting energy efficiency, sustainability, cost savings and easy maintenance. We’re also savvy to the value of aesthetics and history. Our complete line of LED solutions and classically styled poles and luminaires deliver perfect light with huge energy savings. 

We work hand in hand with utilities, municipalities, and facility managers every day to benefit all energy-focused stakeholders. Our solutions combine robust construction with energy efficiency and beautiful light. The result is attractive, tamper-proof utility-grade luminaires. 

Whether you’re retrofitting historic fixtures with LEDs or you need traditional-looking fixtures for new construction, Amerlux has a solution for you.

Morris, Ill. transforms from lumen wasteland to lighting wonderland

The Chicago suburb evolved slowly over and disjointedly during the 20th century. The result of this uneven growth was massively expensive, outdated patchwork of inefficient mix-and-match sodium streetlighting. The town retrofitted 229 fixtures with the Avista LED light engine and instantly saw their electric costs drop by 50%. On top of that, the town received a grant, which covered more than half of the upfront costs. 

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Portland chops energy consumption by 60% while preserving vintage streetlamps

The largest city in Oregon, Portland wanted to modernize its streetlighting with new energy-efficient lighting technology, but not at the expense of its vintage streetlamps. The solution was Amerlux’s Avista LED light engine, which cut energy costs while preserving the city’s history.

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Putting campuses and communities in the best light

LED lighting can do wonders for individual locations and whole towns—from enhancing safety to reducing crime to revitalizing dingy areas. People like to be where there is good light. Attractive lighting draws people to downtown areas for the restaurants, shopping and socializing. When the light is dim and gloomy, people feel unsafe and stay away. 

After we retrofitted LEDs in downtown Los Angeles one resident described the results as, “beautiful,” saying “The new lights are brighter, and cover a wider area, allowing people to see more clearly and make me feel safer.” 

Our architectural post-top fixtures and retrofits integrate security on a whole new level for towns.

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