PoE Provides More Control

Power Over Ethernet

Amerlux’s Power-over-Ethernet lighting solutions will fundamentally change the way the industry thinks about configuration and controls.

With this new technology, power will run through the same Category 5 enhanced cabling (CAT5e) as data, turning lighting into an IT matter.

Specifically, PoE creates a lighting network that connects power to computer to switchbox to module to fixture. The upfront investment would be funded by realized savings in controls and labor.

Control your design. Control your building. Control your lighting.

As part of the Delta Electronics family of companies, Amerlux believes in leveraging the most intelligent and advanced lighting sensors and controls in the industry.

Interior controls 

Leverage white-tuning sensors for sun-cycle lighting or photocells for energy-efficient dimming. Completely controls agnostic, Amerlux products work with any control system you want to use. From wireless and Bluetooth to PoE, our lights work with all controls. 

With building automation systems, you can control and monitor every aspect of your building, from the HVAC, to electrical to lighting. 


Power Over Ethernet

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