Color Rendering

Colors You See.

Colors You Feel.

Colors You Buy.

Look at the world around you, or even inside a store. There are a lot of colors out there, like a crayon box. Your lights should showcase them all.

Ours do. We’ll show you how.

Lighting sets the stage in retail, with merchandise in the leading role.

Under the right light, clothing colors pop and textures come to life. Fruits and vegetables burst with freshness. Meats look super fresh and marbled, and fish look like they were just pulled from the waters.

In a jewelry store, diamonds glisten and skin tones look radiant. In an art gallery, masterpieces are shown in their truest colors.

The right lighting catches the eye of the customer. It makes them want to touch a garment or smell an orange.

It makes them want to buy.

Learn how to cast your merchandise in the best light. Contact your sales rep today!



Colors That Open Wallets

Amerlux's first-in-class full gamut LEDs, with its color-deepening capabilities, and industry-first 100 CRIs, which emit colors just as the sun would, make retail lighting more than just something customers see.

It makes it something they feel, an excitement that moves them emotionally and physically—right to checkout.

CRI vs. Full Gamut

CRI is the industry standard for measuring how accurately colors appear to the human eye. Both the sun, which is ideal for cooler tones, and incandescent light, which emits warmer tones, have a CRI score of 100, the highest mark.

The closer to 100 an artificial light scores on the 0-to-100-point scale, the better the test source is emitted just as it would be under incandescent light or sunlight on the same colors. A score of 80 or higher is considered good.

But CRI measures light fidelity, and its score is based on an average of eight desaturated color scores. The real world has more than eight colors, all fully saturated.

Gamut indices, however, are based on 99 real-world colors and textures represented in nature and in manufactured products such as textiles, plastics and surfaces.

It’s like CRI—the higher the score, the better the illumination, in many instances—but differs in that it measures color saturation.

Gamut LEDs take the natural color red of a dress or an apple and deepens it into a deeper, bolder vibrant red that turns heads, gets attention and pulls out credit cards.

Whether your want to deliver natural-quality lighting or crank up your merchandise’s colors with more saturation, Amerlux’s best-in-class LEDs are a fit for any retail application.

When to use CRI LEDs

When it comes to rendering skin in their purest, natural tones or displaying colors in their sincerest shades, using a high CRI LED chip is the way to go.

Under full gamut lighting, which oversaturates colors, complexations can look unhealthy and artwork may not look the way its artist intended.

100 CRI

Full Gamut

Skins tones will never look better under higher CRI lighting.


With higher-rated CRI lighting, vivid masterpieces pop off the wall with the colors their artist intended.

When to use Full Gamut LEDs

Full gamut LEDs deliver color saturation across a larger spectrum than standard LEDs. They razzle-dazzle merchandise and textures by oversaturating colors that make them pop off shelves and display cases.

Full Gamut

Standard LED

Under full gamut lighting, tomatoes are bold red and leafy greens have a garden-fresh, crispy look.

Full Gamut

Standard LED

Deep red meat with bright white marbling waters the mouth when cast under the light of a full gamut LED chip.

Colors burst and textures come to life, enticing customers to buy, under full gamut LED lighting

When to Use Both

Certain retail applications should use both CRI and full gamut LED techniques. For instance, in a bridal store, use full gamut chips on the showroom floor to attract customers to vivid, deep-white dresses, then install higher CRI in the dressing rooms to showcase their skin tones.


Let Us Bring Out Your Best Colors

Amerlux’s three-plus-decades of experience in superior color rendering lighting will give you the insight to create a knockout visual experience. Accentuate the deepest and crispest of colors with our best-in- class, high CRI-rated lighting solutions and full gamut technologies.

From high-end retail and supermarkets to museums and galleries, let us turn heads by stimulating the kind of excitement only rich colors and the purest of whites can excite.

Your store is the stage. Contact your sales rep and learn how to cast your merchandise in the best light!

Color Rendering