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Amerlux’s Fino Helps High-Rise Retrofit Residents Unwind


 Surrounded by the bustling activity of the downtown Financial District, conveniently located close to the South Station transit hub, the 33-story skyscraper at 100 Summer Street fast became an easy-to-spot, marquee high-rise in Boston’s scenic skyline when construction commenced in 1974. 

Its distinctive bronze-tinted windows topped the reasons why, and the structure, with more one-million-plus square feet of office space, remains Beantown’s architectural staple today. 

But inside, its 8,500-square-foot lobby, despite a recent makeover, remained stubbornly stuck in time—the renovation already outdated. The entrance was mildly uninspiring, made up of just a few pieces of furniture and a large, unwelcoming security desk—reminiscent of an antiquated era when a lobby was just a lobby, a space where employees zigzagged to and from their offices in floors above.

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